living for the city

when that record hit the billboard charts in the early sixties no one thought that they were dancing to the soundtrack of a fascist plantation economy, few believed or even considered that those final moments of the song were the actual state of affairs envisioned by this sad state of affairs, being locked into cell, being beaten, being held, american slavery sounds swell, kidnapped, murdered, and raped, these are capital crimes, the perpetrators of these multiple felonies that were committed,  are they all those listed on or to be found at or in ancestry dot com, do these sound like songs of freedom, Dick Clark subsidized this American Band Stand, this infamy of insanity defies explanation yet repeats itself eternally in its celebrations as these expectations were the goals and ideals were shared by so many, none of whom will now admit their participation in, or acknowledge the benefits they now enjoy though their self worth is based upon their corrupt integrity dialing for dollars, where people still believed that these aspects

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