this american bandstand

the myth of man, the lock on, the use of god’s slaves, those Africans, their descendants therein, the beauty thus enumerated the pulchrum, no point in discussing the niceties of this racism disease in vernacular usage re-introduce Humphrey and Kalon, treated interchangeably, the meaning of this switch, that black African bitch call her a witch, the property of the father-confessors, the indelicate topic of lust wailing entreaties against the birth of a nation of mulattoes, the effects in current theoretical terms innovative subversive difficulty linked to the decline of all European chariots of fire, despair a thesis on Art and Capitalism, the meaning of style, a refrain of nonsense, drums and bells, the pope mobile traveling the Appian way, listening to the soundtrack of generations of blacks, too the sound of the rain, the old rugged Negroes, of the hill Cavalry, located in the new world, bombastic exaggerations stretching the entrances wide plowing vaginas aside, the dialectics of entertainment, a

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