to be paid

the future is now here, soon a new cash register will appear and the free books illuminated by some of what these posts have hinted at will become available from an exclusive host who will make available content for a remuneration which or that may include the material seen on this site as well as it’s relation to the thought and development of the artist of which through the chaos of time, the blue smoke circling in the footage of Nat King Cole, these and other contradictions in the expression domain, lying in the materializing tractor beam of lung cancer, someone yelling they put a spell on me, signs in the sorcery of racism and how this fake news in the conscious perceptions, abject resignation is not practical in the dungeon of self pity, manipulation and the ideals of this self-subjugation might have on others with struggling depression a reception in the realization of self-deception, lost memories of that night club’s chess board floor, its mirrored walls full of bottoms and tops, glances of acknowledgement in the secret meetings in the malls of lusts, scenes in halls of deception: just remembering I should get paid producing the unusual scenes of revelation in the renaissance of misunderstanding the emperor’s landing in the court of yesterday’s ideals, other aspects of the thirteenth century’s new deal, market conditions in the coming revolutionary thought of plantation philosophers and founding fathers, this city of bureaucracy

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